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artist Statement

Linda is an experienced full time artist living in the Wilmington, NC area with her husband. She paints the wild coastal countryside and the majestic mountains inland. Her paintings exemplify her love of nature as she portrays her own unique viewpoints. Linda graduated with an art degree from the University of New Hampshire. For these last 40 years she has advanced and developed her painting techniques and use of varied mediums to create works of art pleasing to her dedicated fans. She transfers her art to a variety of home decor and gift items. And she is prolific in outdoor watercolor studies. She has participated in many art shows and festivals across the US. She is often found in the local shows in and around North Carolina.


While Linda took time to raise her two daughters and work as an electronic technician in research and development, she continued forward with her artistic technique. She had left eye damage due to an infection years ago and now has a diagnosis similar to retinal degeneration. Despite this hindrance of near blindness of that eye she is able to produce work of depth, texture and intense color. Her husband, Bill, is her greatest fan and essential to her ability to disseminate her art through their Website and at in-person shows, galleries and gift shops.


Linda donates some of her profit from her art which features nature studies in and around the Cape Fear River. This river has been severely harmed by industrial runoff and pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency has mandated industry to repair damage to the Cape Fear River, which runs through North Carolina to the Atlantic, one hundred and ninety one miles. Linda’s partner in this commitment is Joanna Ward. They work with Kemp Burdette of the Cape Fear River Watch, a non-profit advocacy and education organization. The paintings can be found on the Web page Flynn River Co.


Linda works in two mediums; alcohol ink and watercolor. Alcohol inks are dye-based ink diluted and blended with isopropyl alcohol. She paints on non-porous surfaces such as yupo paper, ceramic tile and aluminum. The method of dye sublimation is used to print these works of art in a delicate transfer process using heat and pressure. Working out of her home in Wilmington, NC she then imprints these vibrant and beautiful images onto functional home decor items such as trivets, coasters, mouse pads, coin purses, and ornaments.


Watercolor is Linda’s favorite medium for plein air painting, her latest passion. Linda and her husband have travelled throughout the US, where she has painted landscapes and attended art shows. “Drawing and painting from real life is about experiencing the time and place in immediate terms. Feeling the wind, the sun, and watching the shadows move. All become part of each painting,” exclaims Linda. Her creations in watercolor are subtle and beautiful stories in themselves.

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